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The installation of the three tables you see here show examples for how you can produce things of different complexity and transport so my personal interest to it. But they also stand for my personal development.

The St. Lambrecht Table is simple. It is made out of one profile. You cut it and then you nail it.
It was community build, what means that the design is chosen in a way that we could produce it very simple on the marketplace of the town. To be there, to talk and to activate. We did this to celebrate the community of St. Lambrecht with a big dinner. To share our tastes in their unused public space.
After we made the Sunday dinner everyone took one table home as a reminder. When we left, we gave the plans and the jigs in the carpentry. So they rebuild tables for the next public dinner last year.

The second project is more related to a crafts environment than the first.
It´s realised together with Till Wolfer and based on the xyz nodes of N55. Like the Trekkingworkshop too it deals about the topic of intellectual property and how you can share it in a way that all benefit from it.
It´s about the creative commons and how you can mark your works in a way that people and search engines know that it is allowed to copy. It also opened the field of personalisation and customisation to me.
Personally I like it also because with this joint, used by Rietveld, and thought for industrial furniture production, it closes a circle for me. Now it is used for individualised art and craft works.
By the way, for the first table of course on of Enzo Marys works got updated.

That brings me to the next step.
With Re: table I worked about digital production methods like CNC milling ore 3D printing. But it is also about the sharing of Designs in format of CAD data in the world wide web.
For example:
At the platform Open Desk I upload my blueprints. After being checked it is possible to download it from all over the world. Now there is also a register about local producers, that allows it to the consumer, led these downloaded thing be produced there ore to produce it by himself.

So this it is with the tables.
To bring it together: What interests me about these projects is not only the object itself but the way how they were developed and how they are produced.
So now I come to my last project for today.

Since one year Alexander, Marcel and me are working on the project Bauer + Planer.
The idea is to provide access to the knowledge, the space, the tools and the material to get ideas from the plan to physical object. As professional as possible.
When we started with our workshop we new that this will lead our working into a direction that we don’t want to be our focus. The costs leaded us in the direction of making everything we can get. So we decided to give other people the possibility to use the space to be more independent while the costs shrink. That is not a totally new concept.


By this we realised a workshop that is organised for many professional working people is a perfect place for a network that deals with planning and building.
It can give the possibility to the individual to take the cluster she ore he needs for working. It shrink the cost of the single ore gives the possibility to work more professional because the infrastructure is used well.
Also it generates jobs when artists, architects, designers and craftsmen work near together. And you find the right partners for every single project.

So with this idea we already started to realise, we applied for a 500 qm hall in the Oberhafen where we will move next summer. The price is good, it is very central and the city rebuilds the space into a good condition.
There we will start with Bauer + Planer in the right conditions.

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